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Leonid was born on 24th of november, 1979 in Saint-Petersburg. He graduated Art College in 1999 and Institute of Decorative Arts, where he studied in the studio of Oleg Yahnin. The subject of his diploma was a number of illustrations to Shakespears tragedy King Lear.

On graduation from the Institute with the excellent marks in 2002, he began to work as the book illustrator, and freelance artist, participate in art perfomancies and exhibitions. Also he is wellknown thanks to making exclusive ex-libris for famous collectors from different parts of the world.

Leonids speciality is in the field of engraving, lithograph, he is rather good in water-colours.

The works by Leonid now can be found in The Hermitage Library and Public Library of Saint-Petersburg, The Boston Public Library (USA), State Museum of Vologda (Russia), Museum of Modern Graphic in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, in private collections of Europe and United States.

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Ascension Pechersky Monastery
Leonid Stroganov
Stones on the Gulf of Finland
Leonid Stroganov
Dull day in Village
Leonid Stroganov
St. Petersburg. The Griboedov Canal
Leonid Stroganov
Two-faced Janus and the Hourglass
Leonid Stroganov
Adam and Eve. Ex Libris
Leonid Stroganov
Leda and the Swan. Ex Libris
Leonid Stroganov
Three Graces. Ex Libris
Leonid Stroganov
Whore of Babylon
Leonid Stroganov
3000 rur
Skull and seashell
Leonid Stroganov
21000 rur
Saint Sebastian
Leonid Stroganov
4100 rur
Adam and Eve. Expulsion from Paradise
Leonid Stroganov
3100 rur