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Russian Federation, Moscow
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Was born in 1953 in Moscow.

n 1976 he graduated from the Moscow state University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow state University.
In 1975 to 1985 he studied at the art studios .. and ...
In 1986 graduated from the Art-graphics faculty of the Moscow state open pedagogical University.
Since 1991 - member of the International Federation of artists of UNESCO.

Participated in Moscow exhibitions:
Since 1991, thematic exhibition on Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28, Moscow.
Since 1992, the theme of the exhibition in the gallery ‘Albatross‘, Moscow.
1991. - ‘Small Georgian‘, Manezh, Moscow
1994-95 international gallery of ‘Small Georgian 28‘ IHMA, London, United Kingdom
1995. - ‘Urban dreams‘gallery ‘Albatross‘, Moscow, Central house of artists.
1997. - ‘Art-Manezh‘, Central house of artists, Moscow.

At the present time the artist‘s paintings can be found in the galleries of the Visit and . Moscow

Participant of international exhibitions-auctions: d. Stockholm, str. Goteborg (Sweden) since 1989, Mr.. Helsinki (Finland) since 1990, Mr.. Lima (Peru), 1994. Mr.. Cleveland (USA), 1995, gallery of Lapis-Samo (Atlanta, USA), 1996. ‘From Russia with love‘ San Diego and Los Angeles (USA), 1997. In 1998. - ‘Dreams...the birds...imagination...‘. Gallery ‘Quarter‘. Moscow Central house of arts.

Personal of the exhibition:
1992, 1993, gallery ‘ Art-Centre of the Forest‘, Moscow.
1998. - IBM, Moscow.
1999. - , Aachen. Germany.
2001. - Cairo, Alexandria. Egypt
2003. - La Grande. Arche. Paris. France

Author of several publications on philosophy of art and color theory.
For a number of years engaged in the study of the threshold color differentiation of two close the colors on a different background.

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