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...Some people have nothing to eat, but he draws the oil painting ...
1970 - Born in Omsk
1982 - 1986 - Studied at the art school number 1 in Omsk
1988 - 1990 -Service in the Armed Forces of the USSR
1990 - 1991 - Training in Omsk applied art school 11
1991 - 1996 - Graduated from the Omsk Institute of Technology
1996 - 2014 - Leads creative activities. Participates in urban and regional exhibitions.
2001 - 2012 - Teacher of drawing and painting at the Omsk State Institute of Service at the Department of design, drawing and painting.
Since 1996 participant of art exhibitions and biennials. Works are in private and corporate collections in Russia, Ukraine, England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and China ...
Lives and works ...

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A Fieldfare
Sergey Demidenko
15000 rur
In the spring
Sergey Demidenko
15000 rur
Omsk vacation
Sergey Demidenko
55000 rur
Sergey Demidenko
35000 rur
Cafe afloat
Sergey Demidenko
More please
Sergey Demidenko
25000 rur
Your order..
Sergey Demidenko
25000 rur
For a couple
Sergey Demidenko
25000 rur
Hey, let‘s ride!
Sergey Demidenko
65000 rur
Set of postcards
Sergey Demidenko
2000 rur
Series: Flight. To the sun
Sergey Demidenko
200000 rur
Sergey Demidenko
60000 rur