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О возможностях галереи и как эффективнее ими воспользоваться, читайте в разделе О арт галерее

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How to place your works



Before you begin to place your works you should be registered. Fill the registration form on a site. English registration form is the necessary form you have to fill (fields which are marked by a red star), gallery administration recommends you to fill registration forms in all three languages (Ukraine, Russian, English) for more popularity of your personal gallery.

In registration form we advice you to place tour photo and avatar.

Requirements to images (the size in pixels, volume in kilobytes Kb), which will be necessary by preparation of placing images in the site:

1) Maximum size of your photo should be 300x400 pixels (across/on a vertical), maximum file volume should be 100 kb;

2) Maximum size of your avatar should be 150x170 pixels (across/on a vertical), maximum file volume should be 60 kb.

If you are registered as the author please choose the percent from sale your works you are ready to list as a payment for site services. 

At the registration specify only your true E-mail to which you have access, because after your registration will be sent a letter on your E-mail, which containing the reference of acknowledgement of registration.   


Input in the personal author’s page in the gallery 


In the left column of site enter a login and the password.


When you want to see your personal author’s page you should click on “You’ve entered as: your

login” (login is the active reference). Also your personal page will be accessible to the address

www.artospace.com/your_login or artospace.com/your_login.


When you want to change information on your personal author’s page you should click “Personal data”. When you click “Personal data” you can see registration form, you’ve filled before. You can edit your data and personal information, change photo or avatar. 


Placing works



Place works, which were prepared in advance.

How to place your works and the instruction for preparation works.

Maximum size of the avatar for the folder in your gallery should be 170x150; maximum file volume should be 50 kb.

Maximum size of the image of work should be 770x550 (across/on a vertical), 200 kb.


Work, you’ve prepared, place using reference “Add work”.


Choose the genre of your work from the list called “Genre”, establish the price and currency.

Choose the “Purpose” of placing your work. This point indicates visitors of the gallery they

possibility to buy this work. Or you are ready to make author's repetition of work, or this work is

placing there for display, adding your portfolio.


You forbid leaving the comments to some of your work by choosing tick “Forbid to make comments”.


Tick “Show in the card” means this work will be displayed in painter’s card (example of your card

you can see when you click point “Authors\Painting” where a number pf painter’s card is displayed).

There are only two works will be displayed in your card. Mark two best of your works and they will

be displayed in your card. If you want to change works in your card you should clean the ticks from

the works you decide to change and put the ticks on the works you want to see in your card.


 Then you should entitle your works (it is necessary to entitle your works in English), describe

your works and give some keywords.


If you want to place your work in a folder - specify a folder (preliminary the folder needs to be

created) in which you want to place the work.

If you want to move your work in the other folder you should choose the necessary folder from the

list and click “update”.


This is desirable to specify technique of execution, a material, size of works (in centimeters),

year. In the case that offered parameters of your don’t approach (for example your place web design

or products of decorative an applied art) then all the information about your work you should state

in the description.


Having pressed the button “review” choose the file (choose the work you want to place in the

gallery). Click “update”, then the loading begins. After the ending of loading you’ll see a message

about successful updating the information.  Your work is placed.


If you want to change or add the information to the work you should click the image with the work,

edit information and click button “update”.


Pressing button “Delete” will lead to removal chosen work and it’s information.


Add a new folder


To add a new folder click “Add a new folder”.



Add avatar to current folder


Placing avatar on the folder is necessary for that you can mark by necessary image your created

folder. To add avatar to the folder you should enter into the folder and click the button “Add

avatar to current folder”. Pay attention to the requirements to avatar to folder: 170x150 pixels,

maximum file volume 50kb.

To changing the folder avatar you should enter into the folder and click “Add avatar to current

folder”, choose new avatar to current folder and click “update”. New avatar has placed in the



Delete current folder


To delete current folder you should enter into this folder and click the button “Delete current

folder”. Thus works don’t delete, they will placing without the folder or in the folder in which

was placing deleted folder.