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At the ArtoSpace gallery you can purchase or order a painting, a graphic, a sculpture, decorative and applied arts articles. How to purchase a painting, a work in detail

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Dear authors, to create your own gallery (free of charge) you have to log in and you will be able to place you works for sale, author’s repeat, viewing. Creating of art-gallery

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About the gallery’s possibilities and how to use them more effectively you can learn in About the art-gallery section.

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Стулья для кухни купить в уфе столы и стулья в уфе купить.

About the gallery

Gallery of modern art “ArtoSpace” is a convenient platform for demonstration and viewing works of artists, sculptors, designers, photographers and masters of decoratively applied art. 

You can place your works and mark the purpose of placing, such as:

- for viewing,

- for sale,

- for order of copy.

According to your desire your gallery could have three languages versions. Besides you can keep your blog you can comment work of other authors. 

Caring about comfort of visitors, site was made clear and showing the work was made interesting as much as possible. It is provided possibility to buy work which was pleasant for you or you can order author's repetition of work (copy), also can make the order to the author describing in free form you wishes to work you want to receive. 

After the registration you can use some additional gallery services. There are two kinds of users: authors and visitors.

If you are registered as visitor, you can write comments to works which have impressed you most of all.
When you are registered as author you get the page to the address .

How does effectively use gallery to draw attention to works?

Gallery “ArtoSpace” has the function of searching works for the keywords, name of works, author’s surnames and name of country.

Keywords, which are characterized works, have special value for the searching. You have to write keywords to your work through the comma. What does it allow? If the visitor of the gallery precisely knows what he wants, he uses search, not to spent time on viewing of works which don’t interest him at that moment. If the visitor wants to find the landscape with the birch or still-life with the grape, he has to write in a searching line “birch” or “still-life with the grape”. And if your work has keywords, visitor will see your work in the result of searching. For example the name of your landscape with birch is “at the forest lake” and word “birch” is not in the name of work, if you wouldn’t write keywords which describe the image of your work the visitor wouldn’t know about your work.

It is necessary to specify the name of your work, describe how your work was created and what the inspiration source was. As the author you know better what to say about your work.  In the description you can use citations from article of critic, where is told about your work and about your creativity at all. Also you can write about the exhibition in which your work participated, about keeping them in museums or private collections. Every work of art as an alive man has its own history and deserves to publish this history. 
Write in your blog. Your blog allow to the visitor to get acquainted with you, find out you as interesting person. Share your impressions; tell about yourself and about the things which impressed you. The personal factor often is solving in the choice of work.  

If you use site as much as possible you are forming full representation about yourself and about your works, which allow customers not only to estimate and comment works, it facilitates searching necessary works, creates a general impression about chosen work, and allow making final choice.