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New works
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Alone in the boat
Nikolai Nikashin
mistress of the sea
Valery Budanov
10000 rur
Everything will be fine
Lisa Ray
50000 rur
Lisa Ray - Space spinning top
Lisa Ray
40000 rur
Thunderstorm 2022
Sergey Demidenko
375000 rur
Lisa Ray - The scents of spring
Lisa Ray
60000 rur
In the rhythm of the rain
Sergey Demidenko
180000 rur
Patterns of love
Sergey Demidenko
375000 rur
The Whisper of Dawn
Sergey Demidenko
not up to sleep
Sergey Demidenko
105000 rur
Kirill Devochkin
150000 rur
Spring rays
Sergey Demidenko
150000 rur
Lisa Ray - Enamored umbrellas
Lisa Ray
80000 rur
Lisa Ray - Unattainable dream
Lisa Ray
40000 rur
Lisa Ray - Milk with bagels on a summer day
Lisa Ray
50000 rur

Ukrainian artists, russian artists

The art has no borders in the modern world. Wherever you were, you can visit Louvre, Uffizi and Hermitage right now. It takes only to go online and find a virtual excursion to the desired museum.

And suppose you wish not only to admire real masterpieces of the modern art, but also own them. With the help of an internet art gallery you are able to purchase sculptures and author’s dolls, hand-made jewelry and modern artists’ paintings. And all this can be done indoors. Even if the master and the purchaser are on the opposite sides of the globe and have no possibility to meet face to face, internet brings them closer and makes possible their meeting online.

To give a close friend his portrait or jewelry. To adorn your house with some modern paintings or have a landscape painted in oils from an old fading photograph familiar from childhood. To find or order an illustration for a new book. To purchase an exclusive present for a friend or a partner. Just to buy a liked still life and brighten up the drawing room’s unpretentious interior. ArtoSpace is a picture gallery and a shop located at one site where both the customers and the authors get plenty of opportunities. is a modern international web site for cooperation between authors and pieces of art buyers. Artists, sculptors, artisans, illustrators, designers and other creative people visit to show their works and see those of other authors. But customization and selling of paintings, graphic works, sculptures and handmade articles are far from being a complete list of the site functions. art portal is also an opportunity of perfecting oneself in the midst of talented authors in the field of decorative and applied arts.

What do buyers look for at First of all exclusiveness, which is the most valuable advantage of pieces of art purchasing. A real connoisseur of art does not need a copy, especially off-the-shelf product. He would rather buy a customized painting or a sculpture. A customized piece of art is always unique. It is always exclusive. It may be a present for oneself or someone else, yet it will be the manifestation of taste.

The XXI century world demands rigid time saving. Due to wide range of works of many authors presented at the site the internet gallery allows to find either the order performer within the shortest possible time or already done work for immediate purchasing. You need not see the author personally to order a portrait, a graphic, a handmade article of wood, leather or glass. You just have to choose one whose manner you like best, fix everything concerning fulfilling and paying the order, send sketches and photos if needed. And within certain period of time you will get the result – a real work of art, exclusive and beautiful. It is an optimum alternative for businessmen knowing a thing or two about the beauty of life.

It is obvious why an author needs the gallery.

It is a personal portfolio in the internet. It is convenient for both the beginners, who strive for their place in the sun in the field of painting and decorative and applied arts, and experienced masters. And free of charge portfolio is profitable as well. An author does not need to buy a personal site and spend time for its development. One had better to spend his free time to create new beautiful works. Besides, it is a permanent exhibition. Any sculptor and artist will agree that it is not enough to create an artwork, it must be exhibited.

Together with work exhibition comes fame. Relative, of course. ArtoSpace “speaks” Russian and English, which is an international internet language.

Selling of one’s own painting and works is an income. But not always one may become called-for in his native town or even country. But in internet, where an order for a painting, a sculpture or handmade articles can be made in few minutes, your works are available worldwide.

What else? Of course, it is a possibility to work for the good of your soul without being distracted with boring work for money. To be glad for the fact that your works are called-for and bring the sense of beauty into other people lives. Selling your works worldwide you will be able to make your living by doing your thing, displaying your talent in full, living in harmony with yourself.

Enjoy the modern art, feel new possibilities, open yourself to the world and the world to yourself together with!